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NeNe Leakes Fired Up On RHOA: “Did Greg Borrow $10,000″…”OK Too Boo”

If you missed last night’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, that’s probably a good thing, it means you have a life or some kind of discipline. For those that give into our guilty pleasure, the season premiere of RHOA did not disappoint.

NeNe delivered the drama, and she deserves a pay raise. Leakes confronted Dwight Eubanks over some rumors he started about her husband Greg. According to Dwight, Sheree owes him $30,000 for the work he did on the fashion show, and NeNe’s husband Greg, owes him $10,000 from an investment deal. Instead of telling NeNe like a good friend would, Dwight went behind her back telling everyone else her husband was broke. So, when NeNe got a chance to confront Dwight, she she went off. Poor Dwight was stuck there acting  like the woman he is…

“Did Greg Borrow Ten Thou-Sand Dollarrs”…

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