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Lil Wayne Put In Solitary Confinement For Head Phones

Lil Wayne will have to serve out the rest of his sentence in “punitive  segregation” after authorities found contraband in his cell. To be more specific, Lil Wayne got in trouble for stashing some headphones and a charge so that he can listen to music. The thing is, headphones and music aren’t illegal in jail, you just got to purchase them from commissary. Lil Wayne had his own private set that authorities found back in May, “tucked in a potato chip bag in a garbage can in the rapper’s cell.” Now, months later, he’s paying for it through solitaire confinement. A little harsh, I’m sure there are some criminals who need it more…

Lil Wayne is facing the music after being accused of breaking jail rules by having gear for listening to tunes: He can expect to go solo for the rest of his time behind bars in a gun case.

It’s his punishment for stashing a charger and headphones for a digital music player in his cell earlier this year, officials said. Lil Wayne generally will now be confined to his new cell 23 hours a day, with such exceptions as visits and showers, instead of being allowed to mingle with other inmates most of the day. He’ll eat in his cell and won’t get to socialize even during his hour a day of recreation, Morello said.

Lil Wayne also will have to forego TV, and he’ll be limited to one phone call a week instead of a chat a day or more, except for calls to his lawyer, Morello said. {Source}

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