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Food Allergies & Asthma Highest Among Black Males

I know this is a celebrity “news” site, but sometimes we have to stop for a “message”. I read an article today that said, “black male children have highest rates of food allergies and asthma.”

Compared to the general population, food allergies were two times more common among children aged 1 to 19, three times more common among blacks and two times more common among males…They also found that food allergies were twice as likely among people with asthma than among those without asthma and that the likelihood of having food allergies grew with increasing asthma severity.

Well, my son who was breast fed, is one of these asthma statistics and I noticed many of my black friends have sons with the same problem. On top of that he has a peanut allergy which means I have to carry an epi-pen every where we travel.  I’m not into conspiracy theories, but it always seems that black men are disproportionally affected by external factors more so than any other race.

Anyway, you can’t control what your child is exposed to on the outside of the home, but there are a few things you can do to protect them in the home. Dow Safe Touch has 10 tips you can do to make your home environment safer for your kids. While you there you can enter the “What Makes Your Home Healthy” video contest. Just simply upload a video of your child answering the question for a chance to win a makeover package worth up to $8,500 (click here for details). Dow Safe Touch is also offering a $10 rebate to help you make your home safer for you and your children.

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