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Domestic Violence Teen Mom: When A Woman Hits A Man; It’s Not A Problem

Obviously we have been talking about domestic violence a lot due to some high profile cases. Many people were mad at me during a particular high profile case of  domestic violence and accused me of condoning domestic violence because I wouldn’t agree to the statement that men shouldn’t hit women, no matter what. The reason, I never subscribed to that theory is that I believe in a relationship no one should be hitting each other [PERIOD]. I use to have a temper problem, and I know now that violence hurts no matter your gender. It’s not fair that we as a society think the answer to domestic violence is telling men not to hit women, but turning our eyes when women beat up on men. Here is a scene from MTV’s Teen Mom, where Amber Portwood decides to attack her boyfriend Gary Shirley because he was fed up with her abusive ways, and the fighting around their daughter.

(The altercation begins around 3:37)

Just imagine what could have happen if Gary snapped, or if Gary was the one punching Amber. The first thing Dr. Drew asked Gary was, why didn’t he press charges? Teen violence is real, and we need to teach our sons and yes daughters how to manage and channel their anger. Reality TV is getting out of hand when it comes to violence, and especially violence amongst women.

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