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Alicia Keys Talks About Being A Mom…How Purposeful She Feels

DISCLAIMER: This not a negative commentary on Alicia Keys, it’s a negative commentary on Me (Mrs. Grapevine). It’s about me learning to be more positive and search for ways to see Alicia Keys in a more round view instead of a myopic one. She doesn’t need to change, I need to change.

Alicia Keys writes a blog post about being a mother, and of course it’s about how beautiful and wonderful motherhood is. I will let you read the quote because it is beautiful, but it finally hit me why I can’t connect with Alicia Keys and her music:

Every moment is beautiful; delicious even! Every moment I’m learning and living in a way I never have before. Being present in a way I never have before. Existing in moments I never have before.

Never have I felt so calm, so purposeful in taking the time to truly observe the world around me, to live in it fully and watch it, discuss it, put time toward it. It feels really incredible – so peaceful, so complete and long overdue.

I’m grown, I’m confident, I’m secure, and so blessed to be these things.

I’m most enamored with anatomy at this point. The miracle of the human body. The ability to create all these small amazing machines of veins, capillaries, digestive systems, eyes, ears and noses. I can spend HOURS looking at one little EAR! Have u ever noticed how complex just an ear is? A tiny maze of art. It may sound silly but it’s so true. Or a heartbeat? Everyday we wake up and in some way, take for granted the fact that this beautiful pulsating organ in our body is the reason, and yet now that’s all I can think of…

And breath; invisible as it may be, how necessary! Ain’t it true that things we really can’t see are of the greatest importance?

I’ve never seen a more beautiful face in my LIFE! The most perfect eyes and beautiful nose, the sweetest lips and skin so soft and kissable!

Never have I felt such disbelief, such awe, humility, godliness, such strength, power and possibility.

I’ve never believed in greatness and the never ending Higher Power more than now!

And I can’t believe he’s mine!

Most people would be like awwwww, but something is wrong with me. I did say awwww a few times, I can relate, after all I have two sons. BUT…Her words are not balanced. I get positivity, but how was your first experience breast feeding, does he sleep well, does he look like Kaseem or does he look like Alicia Keys?  How was your birth?  Do you have a nanny? Do you have any fears? Did you cry, did you laugh? Did you use drugs during birth? All these things make people seem human to me. I love the details of life.

Anyway, it finally hit me, I like the real, ordinary, the genuine human moments, both good and bad. I love life, and I think there’s so much more strength in our weaknesses because our weaknesses serve as strengths to others. Life isn’t always perfect, people aren’t perfect. My problem is that I see Alicia Keys as perfect (even though she’s not), and I can’t connect with that perfect viewpoint. I like flaws. I like pain and joy. I need to find more ways to see her as human. I need for her music to capture the breadth of human experience (Like Jill Scott’s Crown Royal type of music, I want to feel it).

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