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Alicia Keys Buy Life T-Shirt Campaign For Keep A Child Alive

Alicia Keys has come out with a brilliant campaign to help raise money for Keep A Child Alive to battle AIDS/HIV in areas stricken by poverty. The name of the campaign is Buy Life, and the concept is simple. With just a click of a button from a cell phone app, you can help save a child’s life by scanning a bar code– just like you would in a grocery store. You scan the code with your cell phone, and viola you’ve purchased the ability to save someone’s life by helping them purchase anti-retroviral drugs to battle HIV, thus the name Buy Life.

If you want to go a step further, you can purchase a Buy Life T-shirt, and help spread the world visually. People can also scan your t-shirt to make a donation. So you are essentially an ambassador to Keep A Child Alive and a philanthropist.

BE POSITIVE!!! Go to Buy Life right now, and save a life:

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