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Photos: Venus Williams’ Tennis Outfits Causing A Lot Of Controversy

Everyone has been talking for months now about Venus Williams self-designed tennis outfits. Traditionally, women wear quaint (but short) white skirts and polo tops. Polo tops have transformed into tank tops…but that’s as “racy” as it gotten. Until now. The Williams sisters have definitely brought another element to tennis (other than forcing other female competitors to hit the weights hardcore).  Venus Williams has been stepping out unto the courts with lace, fringe and frills. Check out photos of Venus Williams’ last several tennis outfits and share whether you think they are appropriate or not.

This is the front view of what Venus Williams wore at the French Open several months ago.

This is obviously the back view.

Click “Continue Reading” to see Venus’ Tina Turner inspired white tennis outfit that she wore to Wimbledon and also what she wore to the US Open a couple of nights ago.

Tina Turner inspired white frill dress.

Venus wore this sparkly number at Day 7 at the US Open.

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