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Is Kim Kardashian Shady For Not Supporting LaLa Vasquez? Asks Tyrese

First off I love Tyrese Gibson, he says what he means and he does not delete his tweets when it becomes too controversial. On twitter the other day, Tyrese wanted to address an issue that was not only on his mind, but on the minds of others (me). On the first episode of LaLa’s Full Court Wedding, Tyrese cautioned LaLa about hanging out with some of her single friends now that she’s getting married. I knew instantly he wasn’t talking about Kelly Rowland or Serena Williams. Well, my suspicions was confirmed with these series of tweets Tyrese sent out Monday Night.

When you have a trusted guy friend that’s concerned about one of your girl friends, you may want to take notes. I don’t think Tyrese is trying to be shady, he’s protective of LaLa and he’s just taking notes on the sidelines to see who has her best interest at heart.

More tweets when you continue reading. Do you think it was just an oversight on Kim Kardashian’s part, or do real friends make sure they support their BFFs???

Even Diddy took the time to tweet, and send love to LaLa Vasquez

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