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Chris Brown Mother Says God Told Her To Compare Breezy To MJ

Chris Brown mother, Joyce Hawkins,  made the mistake of going on twitter unfiltered. Now, I know mamas think their boys are the best thing in the world next to Jesus ( I have two sons), but that doesn’t mean the world will necessarily agree with you. Especially, when you make the following statement publicly:

Honestly, I don’t think @mombreezy was implying that Michael Jackson overdosed on drugs so that Chris Brown could cry the following year at the BET Awards on national TV. I understand what she was trying to say, I just think she #failed. My problem is with her apology tweets. Ms. Hawkins blames her statement about Michael Jackson on God. *side-eye*

Really?!? God told you to say that Michael Jackson died so that Chris Brown could live. At this point, it’s time for @mombreezy to go to “twitter jail” voluntarily. I was going to let the statement ride, and just ignore it, but instead of apologizing, she says God sent her those words. Ms. Hawkins eventually got it together and apologized for her god-sent words:

That’s all you had to say in the first place…I know Chris Brown does not like anyone talking about his mother, but he knows MJ stans don’t play, and Ms. Hawking received a serious hazing on twitter from MJ stans. I guess that’s a lesson learned the hard way.

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