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Usher sat down with People several days ago and talked candidly about being a father and about his relationship with ex-wife, Tameka Foster. Usher says that he doesn’t regret his relationship with Tameka and that he loves her as the mother of his children, but that they weren’t compatible. He said:

We’re two different people; we have two different goals. It just was never going to work out 100 percent.

Usher also said that things changed shortly after the birth of their youngest child. He and Tameka disagreed on everything and didn’t even have similar parenting styles. But he still says he doesn’t regret his marriage to her.

I appreciate the relationship for what it was. Even though it didn’t work out, I’m glad we got together. I love her as the mother of my children; we just couldn’t be married.

Well at least Usher and Tameka can get along for their two children. Sometimes you’re just not meant to be with a person –no matter how much love you thought there was in the beginning.

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