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SHOCKER! Montana Fishburne Arrested For Prostitution via Carlton Jordan

Carlton Jordan has been following this story and has uncovered several things that ultimately explain why Montana Fishburne has taken the Kardashian route to fame. The first thing Carlton Jordan uncovered is that Montana Fishburne has other “tapes”. The second and most shocking thing discovered in an interview with Montana’s bestfriend, NeNe, is that Montana has also been involved in prostitution. Her so called best friend dishes it all in an exclusive three part interview (click here to read). If you thought you couldn’t be shocked anymore, there are allegations surfacing that Montana’s boyfriend, Jeremy Greene may also be her pimp.

I know some of you think we just make stuff up, so here is the proof. Montana Fishburne was arrested in November of 2009 on charges of soliciting.*sighs*

Peep the court documents when you continue reading, and check out the video of NeNe confirming the allegations:

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