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Now Hiring: U.S. Looking For Ebonics Translator – No Joke

Do you drop the “r” from the end of your words, and say “fo” instead of  “for”? Do you use an “f” sound instead of “th” to say “teef” as oppose to “teeth”? Then you just may be qualified for this position. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency most notably known in the hood, as NARCS,  is in need of an Ebonics translator to transcribe conversations recorded from wiretapping, also know as “the wire“. Therefore,  if you know that when Lil Bootsie says “herr” he probably really means “hair” then you may be perfect for this job.

Here’s a quick test for you: Is “stacks” a noun or a verb? If you said verb then you should probably continue your education, and seek employment elsewhere.

Here are the details of the job position. They will be hiring nine new translators in Atlanta, GA (lol). Don’t think of this job in terms of snitching, think of it as an employment opportunity.

The Department’s Atlanta field division plans to hire 9 translators to handle the task, reports thesmokinggun.com. Their duties will include deciphering “telephonic monitoring of court ordered nonconsensual intercepts, consensual listening devices, and other media.”

The hiring is part of a contract bid put out by the Department for some 2100 new linguists who will cover some 114 languages. Ebonics is listed as a “common” language exclusive to the United States.

“DEA’s position is, it’s a language form we have a need for,” Special Agent Michael Sanders told CNN. “I think it’s a language form that DEA recognizes a need to have someone versed in to conduct investigations.”

Oh, and they are also hiring Ebonics translators who also speak Spanish. Se habla español ebonics!

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