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Mashonda says that Swizz Beatz does have a daughter named Nicole overseas, and she hopes they can all be one big happy extended family like Lil Wayne:

“I hope that my son can have a relationship with his sister in Europe and I hope all the children involved will grow together in unity,” she tells Hip-Hop Weekly. “That is very important to me.”

Swizz Beatz is right, Alicia Keys did not break up his marriage with Mashonda. It looks like Swizz Beatz apparently did it all by himself. Let’s see in May of 2008, Jahna Sebastian gave birth to a little girl. Which means that in September of 2007, while still married to Mashonda, Swizz Beatz carried on an affair without protection overseas. That was just nine months after Mashonda gave birth to Kasseem Jr. In December of 2007, Swizz Beatz started working on Alicia Keys‘ album. Four months later Mashonda files for divorce. Now, look who’s pregnant. Where does Swizz fine the time to work on music?

Alicia Keys is like a Lil Wayne baby mama, but instead of Lil Wayne, it’s Swizzy. I wish they would do a reality show. I would love to see how this story plays out…

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