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What! Kanye West Spotted In Starbucks With “Exotic” New Girl

Kanye West was spotted in a downtown New York Starbucks with an “exotic” woman, not Amber Rose. According to sources, Kanye West stayed true to his controversial personality and controlled what said “exotic” girl ate, while he pigged out on calories. Perhaps this is Kanye West’s new protégé. I honestly believed Kanye West loves fashion and models, and that Amber Rose was his first model, but he fell for her during the process. I also think his goal is to shake of the modeling industry with some diversity.

On a *side-note* I wish someone would tell me I couldn’t have a cookie, it would have been a Starbucks scene.

Details of the incident when you “continue reading”. I can’t wait to see what the mystery “exotic” woman looks like…

Far from just being picky about what he ate, Kanye refused to let the new mystery lady eat what SHE wanted! A witness tells SCENE QUEENS, “When Kanye’s girl tried to order a cookie, he said no and gave her a hard time because it was too fattening. “But it doesn’t seem like he practices what he preaches: “He ordered a latte and blueberry muffin,” the eyewitness reveals. [Life & Style]

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