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Thanks to Vibe, we get to spend a day in the life of Mashonda, the ex-wife of Swizz Beatz. In all the controversy, it will be nice to focus on the positive things Mashonda is doing with her life, since moving on from a very public divorce. Mashonda allowed Vibe cameras to follow her on the 4th of July as she and her son Kasseem Jr., traveled to the Hamptons. This woman is so cute to me, although something is different about her, but in a good way.

[8:30 am: Rise and shine, read bible, check emails (interesting )]

[9:45 am: Step out of bed, getting ready for my day. Time for yoga and meditation]

[10:30 pm: A little fun with the girls.]

[You know she has to show him what he’s been missing. ]

There are a lot more pics of Mashonda on the beach, in the studio, hanging out with her son and other friends, just click here to see the rest.

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