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Funk Master Flex Apologizes To Christina Milian For Twitter Remarks

Just days after a very public split from The Dream, Christina Milian is spotted at a daycare, picking up an unknown child. Also just days after the split, Christina Milian is involved in a twitter beef  with Funk Master Flex (details below):

Sometimes we (the media) make jokes about celebs like Christina Milian and The Dream, not realizing we’re hurting their feelings. As a culture that’s what we do, we play the dozens, but sometimes it back-fires. Yesterday on twitter, Funk Master Flex from NY Hot 97 made a joke about Christina Milian, and Christina Milian clapped back.

Funk Master Flex to Christina Milian:

Christina Milian to Funk Master Flex:

After Christina Milian stood up for herself, and after her fans attacked, Funk Master issued an apology to Christina Milian for his comments. 

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