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Chad Ochocinco To Black Women, “Don’t Question What I Like”…”Just Support Me”

Chad Ochocinco was on the Wendy Williams show to promote his new reality show, Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch. If you haven’t heard by now, Chad Ochocinco basically cut all the black women from the show, with an exception of two token pieces, who were basically chosen by the producers. So Chad Ochocinco has a reality show on Vh1, which basically means that the target audience is black women, yet he doesn’t want any black women on the show. To make matters worst, he still wants black women to support his reality show, or in other words put money in his pocket.  If it wasn’t for Necole Bitchie, I wouldn’t even know who this cat was, and nor would any of the other black blogs who also helped to promote and make him more famous, so that he can compete on Dancing with the Stars.

Unfortunately, Chad Ochocinco doesn’t have the brain powers to realize, it’s all about image, and if you lose your core group of supporters then your show will #fail. Even Terrell Owens, figured that one out.

Anyway, listen to Chad Ochocinco defending his choices, while asking you to support him. He didn’t consider your preferences, but he wants you to consider his.

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