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Yes, Naomi Campbell Is Balding, But Nobody Really Cares

Supermodel Naomi Campbell was seen working hard and looking fabulous on a photoshoot in New York yesterday.   Naomi worked it out in a luxurious full-length fur coat  next to a Mercedes Benz. Unfortunately, also pictured was a not so flattering picture of Naomi’s rapidly receding hairline.

It seems as though years and years of hair extensions have finally taken its toll on Naomi’s scalp. I have to admit, these pictures had me reaching for a hot oil treatment.  Say what you want about her hairline , I think that the fact that Naomi is still one of the most requested models in the industry is a testament to her fabulousness.   She may be mean folks, but you can’t deny that Naomi is gorgeous and is still putting models half her age to shame.

Check out 10+ photos of Naomi doing her thing on the set…

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