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(VIDEO) Jennifer Hudson Vh1 Behind The Music: Opens Up About Depression After Family Members Killed

Jennifer Hudson Skinny Cannes Movie festivalIf you read this blog then you should know how much I adore Jennifer Hudson, and last night’s Vh1 Behind the Music was well worth the watch. Jennifer Hudson opens up about losing her mother, Darnell Hudson Donerson (57), her nephew, Julian King (7), and her brother,  Jason Hudson (29). All three family members were shot in a triple homicide which put the R&B singer into a deep depression. She also talks about how her son saved her life. You know I had some tears in my eyes, and I can’t help but loving her even more. Did I mention she can sang…

The singer-and-actress revealed to VH1 documentary ‘Behind the Music’, that she was in shock for a long time, saying: “It was like I was outside of myself.”

As the reality of what had happened hit home Jennifer fell into depression. She said: “For almost two weeks straight… [I was] inside one room with just family and friends coming in and out.

Check out the video when you continue, this was one of the best Behind the Music, I’ve seen…

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