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Tiki Barber Can Afford To Cheat On His Wife, But Can’t Afford To Pay Her

Oh, Tiki, you are really showing out.  So everyone remembers what happened with Tiki Barber. First, back in April he left his 8-month pregnant wife of 11 years, Ginny Cha, for a 23-year old blonde NBC intern.  When Cha was giving birth, she had Tiki banned from the delivery room. Then Tiki got fired from NBC’s Today Show which insiders say is due to a “morality clause” that was in his contract. Apparently, Tiki’s scandal wasn’t good for viewership. Now Tiki and Cha are facing off in court and he claims he doesn’t have enough money to pay the divorce settlement.  Cha gave birth to twins back in May which gives her and Tiki 4 children together.  Tiki better reach in his pockets and pay out.

For those of you who haven’t seen her, check out the picture of Tiki’s mistress, Traci Lynn Johnson….

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