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Suge Knight Wants Money From Kanye West

In his struggle to remain relevant, Suge Knight is trying to stay in the news. Back in 2005, Knight was shot in the leg by an unknown gunman at one of Kanye West’s celebrity-packed parties at the posh Shore Club Hotel in Miami, Florida.  Knight wanted to sit down and talk to West and his lawyers to get some “answers” (aka money).  I guess he didn’t get what he was looking for, Knight said, “I figured I could sit him down, man to man, and get this resolved. I’m disappointed.”

West said that he had nothing to do with the security arrangements at the party.  Knight is most likely trying to recover the $200,000 in medical expenses and a very expensive earring he lost. But he’s suing West and the Shore Club Hotel for a million dollars. Let me just say this. Why is Suge Knight, the most notorious bully in the hip hop business, surprised that he got shot? Come on.

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