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Siohvaugh Wade crazy antics has caused her to lose temporary custody of her sons, and on top of that her lawyer quits, again. Dwayne Wade claims Siohvaughn is into some kind of cult with crazy rituals because Siohvaughn and her friends tried to pray for his sister’s salvation when she came to pick-up the kids. I believe “outside the status quo” are the words used by Dwayne and his lawyer.  Anyway the details after the jump, and they are worth reading:

Siohvaughn needs to know it’s not worth it, you helped him along the way, and in return you lived a lavish lifestyle, but he’s moved on and now you’re letting him take the kids with him. Get it together girl!!! No man, no matter how rich or fine he is…is worth it. As far as Gabrielle Union, fate always works things out.

Earlier this week, Dwyane filed for sole custody of the couple’s two sons, claiming Siohvaughn wasn’t stable enough to parent. Filings claim she practices “alternative avenues of worship that are completely outside of the status quo” and that when Dwyane sent his sister to pick up the kids, Siohvaughn and her friends surrounded her and begin praying for her salvation.

“Our client believes that these various papers were filed as retaliation for her legitimate claims filed March 19, 2010 in the Domestic Relations Court in a Petition for Order of Protection regarding the abuse by Mr. Wade dating back to 2006,” Siohvaughn’s attorney retorted in an email to the Associated Press. {Source}

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