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Shots Fired Yet Again: Lil Kim Invites Rapper Keys To Go In On Nicki Minaj

At the beginning of last week, people were asking why is Lil Kim sitting sideline and letting Nicki Minaj steal her crown. One of the readers said it best:

KIM stop the hollywood BS and get focused! Niki Minaj aka Niki Gah-bage is straight jacking your style, blowing up, making mad dough and all without ANY talent! (Dee)

Since then, Lil Kim has been firing shots at Nicki Minaj and each shot gets louder and louder.  In case there was any doubt, it is now clear that there is a new hip-hop beef. A cat  fight of sorts is brewing, and to make matter worse, Lil Kim invited rapper Keys on stage to do the dirty work for her during a Baltimore performance. I love it, basically Lil Kim is pulling an Eazy-E, and saying Nicki Minaj is not even worth the words out of  Lil Kim’s mouth. (The audio is not the best, but check out the energy. This is going to get interesting…)

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