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Rihanna Dons A Wool Onesie In Athens; Plus Rihanna Totes A Gun In Instanbul

Riahnna changed up her outfits in Athens, Greece during her world tour, Last Girl On EarthRihanna is rocking a wool leotard with cream thigh-high boots (interesting).  In her defense she was wearing this outfit to her concert in Athens, and not to the club like Amber Rose.   I’m not sure if I’m feeling this outfit even if it is for a performance.  What do you guys think?  Can Rihanna pretty much get away with anything?

Rihanna Onesie Performs In Greece

[Photo Credit: Rihanna Daily]

Rihanna went back to her Hard (yeah yeah yeah) look while in Instanbul. She only brings out the guns when she’s mad at someone…


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