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Miley Cyrus Girl On Girl Kiss; I Guess Her Parents Just Don’t Care At All Anymore

Miley Cyrus made an appearance on Britain’s Got Talent, and if the new racy video, the nude pics, and the lap dance wasn’t enough, the teen is now kissing girls on stage for attention. Seeing that she doesn’t have much talent left, I can see why she will be dancing naked on stage before she turns 18.

Like I said, if I did naughty things, it was behind my parents back and not with their blessing. (SMH! Lindsay Lohan number two is on her way). What happened to Party in the USA?

I don’t care how much money your child is making, it’s never okay to pimp your daughter to the world for money, protect her innocence as long as you can. Anyway, check out the video, the kiss happens at 1:07:

She’s not even sexy…

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