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Lady GaGa Gives Boyfriend A Very Private Lapdance….in Public

Is it me or has Lady GaGa been acting especially brand new these days?  I know they say that “all publicity is good publicity,” but she seems to be taking her “eccentricity” a little too far.  So  Lady GaGa and her sometimes boyfriend, Matt Williams, were at a New York strip club when GaGa decided to give her man an impromptu lapdance in front of everyone!

Gaga wore a see-through jumper with sequins to cover only her private parts.  GaGa and Matt were so raunchy that it was suggested they move to the Champagne Room for a little more privacy.  Between showing up half-naked for two Mets games, kissing a girl at the game and releasing the controversial video “Alejandro,” I wonder what Gaga’s next cry for attention will be?

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