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Kelly Rowland & Beyonce Pictured Together Again; Kelly Rowland Speaks On Beef

*Sarcasm* We couldn’t see that coming! Just days after a story was “leaked” to the media that Beyonce and Kelly Rowland had a secret meeting, a photo appears of Beyonce and Kelly Rwoland hanging out at a Jay-Z concert. Coincidence, of course not, how many concerts have Jay-Z had over the past two years, and how many photos of Kelly and Beyonce together.  But who cares, they are finally seen together in public, and that makes me happy.

In a recent interview Kelly Rowland suggests that people want there to be a beef between her and Bey, but I think it’s quite the opposite, we want to see their friendship survive the business. This new PR spin isn’t fooling anyone regarding what happened over the past year, but I am happy to see them together, and I hope their friendship will survive. Read what Kelly Rowland had to say:

Obviously the world likes a feud because the world likes a little tension. As far as Beyoncé and I are concerned, we came from a group. It’s cliché that girl groups don’t get along and they hate each other; [the press] would love for us to fight and bicker and bite each other’s heads off, says Rowland. “For me, I feel like there’s space for everybody and [the press] pit us against each other.”

“If there’s great music, why can’t we love it all?, she tells LA Pride. “I think there’s so much talent and so much great music right now, let’s just listen to it all; you don’t have to choose, let’s just enjoy it all.” {Source}

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