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Kelly Rowland & Beyonce Secret Rendez-Vous; No Photos, Yet

No photos of them yet, but according to Page Six the two were together at the Empire Hotel in NYC for two hours. Now, people are saying see the two of them are still close. I will wait for the pictures, but at the least the two are talking or making up. *Smiles & Giggles* Not trying to be messy, I want them to be friends. I want to see them at events supporting each other. I understand if Kelly Rowland has to separate herself from the Destiny’s Child brand, but after she’s established, I hope to see them smiling on the red carpet, again.

Just after Rowland checked into the Empire Hotel Thursday night, Knowles arrived there with her bodyguard, who waited two hours in the lobby while she visited her old bandmate in a suite upstairs.

For a minute I was scared this was going to turn into another Diana Ross vs. The Supremes.

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