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Couple Alert: Is This Kim Kardashian’s New Man? Meet Miles Austin Of The Dallas Cowboys

Kim Kardashian is not sitting around waiting for Reggie Bush. Nope! She has moved on to Miles Austin, wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, and all I can say is MAN. Reggie Bush who? Reportedly, Kim Kardashian is “smitten” over her new boo, and may be spending a lot more time in my neck of the woods, Dallas. The two met in LA at a restaurant a few months ago and have been dating on the low. They are not an official couple, yet, but hopefully they will be soon.

Is Miles Austin an upgrade from Reggie Bush? You know this is hurting Reggie’s pride, but hey at least he has a Superbowl ring to comfort him (and some waitresses).

[Photo Credit: Vegas News]

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