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BET Awards Leak: Chris Brown Slated For Surprise Performance AT BET Awards 2010

UPDATE: Here Is Chris Brown Tribute to Michael Jackson On BET Awards. It was awesome, and I wanted to wipe his tears.

I know you hate blogs because they spoil all the goods, but the information is already out there, so I may as well report it. According to blogger Gyant, Chris Brown is working on a surprise performance for the BET Awards tomorrow to honor pop legend Michael Jackson. Will this be the first time we see Rihanna and Chris Brown in the same place with live coverage? You know from the T.I. – Hoopz scandal that BET is quite messy…

[Photo Credit: U-Chris]

Anyway, I can’t wait to see what happens. If you are not a fan of the BET Awards and have been disappointed by the network as well as the awards, check out this Dear BET.

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