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Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz Gets A Blessing For Their Child In South Africa

The Zulu tribe of South Africa bestowed their blessings on the unborn child of Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz during a charity trip for Keep A Child Alive, co-founded by Alicia Keys. The organization provides support for children affected by HIV/AIDS. Although I’m not a fan of her music or her private life, this is the one area where I have always admired Alicia Keys. I will also say, Alicia seems to bring out the best in “Swizzy”:

Swizz couldn’t get Ezimbuzini, the slum we visited in Soweto, out of his mind. He immediately got up early [one] morning and bought clothes for the ENTIRE village!!! Wooooowwww! He had promised he would go back and when he came back, everyone was SO excited to see him! “SWIZZYYYY!!!!” They yelled!!! And with the help of the beautiful residents, along with the people he brought with him to deliver the gifts, everything was perfectly organized and everyone got something new to wear! The whole village was ecstatic and grateful that he showed them so much love and his presence proved to them that our support wasn’t just temporary.” {Source}

Also, check out the details of the blessing ceremony, when you “continue reading”…I guess celebs private lives are only off limits when the coverage is negative

The R&B diva was given a blue robe to cover her shoulders, while Swizz, 31, donned a red sarong and leopard print sash.

Two female priests who practise a mix of Christianity and tribal custom chose new names for her and the unborn child, as a mark of respect. The names were kept between them, but were chosen to reflect Alicia’s character.‘Alicia had to do a special dance with drums banging in the background, and was embraced by abused children who she has helped.

Alicia was chosen to receive the blessing in return for her work with local children’s charity Bobbi Bear, whose workers are paid by the singer. Source

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