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Alicia Keys Ignores Questions About Mashonda: Gloats About The Good, Ignores The Bad

Every time I work on path to not being overly opinionated about the Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys’ love triangle, something pops-up in the press that sets me back a few steps. I am trying not to be objectionable and give Alicia Keys the benefit of the doubt, but this new article in Fabulous Magazine, just adds fuels to the fire. I just can’t see her the same. I’m not buying into this Superwoman branding or the uplifting thing.

In a recent interview when asked about being in love with Swizz Beatz, Alicia Keys couldn’t stop gushing about her private life and how great it is:

Oh yes,” she says dreamily. “I am very much in love. Right now love is my main inspiration. Love is the one thing we all want in our lives and I am completely surrounded by it. Love fills you up in a way nothing else can and it’s the most amazing, amazing thing.

But when asked about Mashonda and the affair, she pulls a no comment and blames her silence on Oprah.

Oprah Winfrey is the wisest woman I know. She’s like my big, clever, older sister. A while ago she gave me one piece of advice which was to never get drawn into talking about that sort of thing. All I know is that right now my life is really, really good. (cop-out)

Last time I checked Oprah has come clean about a lot of dirt in her life, including using drugs. If you don’t want anyone in your private life then don’t speak on it at all. Just leave it alone like Beyonce. I don’t think celebs owe us any information about their private lives so as long as all of it stays private, the good and the bad. But, what I hate most, is a person that only wants you to think good of them, and not the bad. You can only be loved when you are faulted, and I guess that’s why women like Monica, Mary J Blige, and Jennifer Hudson appeal to me. There music is as raw and genuine as the artists that sings it. I’m flawed, I have messed up in my life, and it’s okay.

Now, I know why I’m not an Alicia Keys fan musically, her music is just overly produced. Give me the real, the honest, and the raw emotion. Make me love you in 3-D. That’s not my judgment, that’s just my opinion!

Oh but wait, there’s more. She also talks about how tough her life was growing up:

She carried a knife to school for protection because that’s what all kids did. “You had to be streetwise. At the age of seven I could spot a hustler or someone high on drugs.”

And the threat of gang violence was never far away. “When I was about 13 or 14, I was in the street when someone got shot in a gang situation. What was difficult was that in my group of friends, some went the way of gangs and drugs and others didn’t. You couldn’t blame those that did because we were surrounded by it. It was what they knew, all they knew.

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