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Help Me Understand The Lawrence Taylor Rape Case

Lawrence Taylor charged with rapeEx-NFL star Lawrence Taylor is arrested on charges of third degree rape of a minor and patronizing a prostitute. He has just been released on $75,000 bail.  This is not Taylor’s first run-in with the law, pass charges have included hit-and-run, and soliciting crack. The victim in the suit is not named because she’s a 16 year old run-a-way (minor).

It turns out the victim’s pimp set her up with Lawrence Taylor for $300, in a hotel where she claims she was beaten and raped. Details of the case are unfolding and Taylor’s family is claiming that he was set-up by the pimp and the 16 year old girl. His wife, Lynette is standing by his side and she’s adamant about his innocence. His lawyer has also expressed Taylor’s innocence. Cops have described Taylor as cooperative.  Reports suggest the victim had bruises and a black eye prior to meeting Lawrence Taylor. Lastly, a condom has been found at the scene which seems to suggest consensual sex. Taylor has not been charged with forcible rape at this time.

My thing is, these men are cheating on their wives, and the scenarios are getting more and more outrageous. Guilty or not, set-up or not, why is this man in a hotel with an underage prostitute when he has a wife at home? Help me understand that…

Lastly, why are our children out on the street? Why isn’t this pimp in jail and why isn’t he on the cover of every newspaper for trafficking a child to an adult male for sexual favors. Help me understand, what’s wrong with this world, and this particular case….

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