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The answer is NO! Last season I wrote a few behind the scenes exclusives regarding  drama between Joy Bounds (Life Jennings ex), Tameka Tiny Cottle, and Toya Carter. Joy Bounds basically accused Tiny and Toya of stealing her reality show idea, amongst other things (read back story here). Tiny contacted me to set the record straight but the interview didn’t happen due to some “scheduling” reasons.

Yesterday, I  received another tip regarding some jealousy and beef brewing between Tiny and Toya over the fact that Toya received her own TV show, while Tiny was left out. The reason I ran last season’s story is because I felt there was some validity to Joy Bound’s claims. The reason I will NOT run this new story is because someone is trying knock the pedestal from under Tiny & Toya, and I do NOT want to be apart of that. I respect black women branding themselves and becoming a business, a business not dependent on a man, or a famous ex. So, I’m actually happy that Antonia Carter has created her own path.

Anyway, I received some exclusive tweets that Tiny wrote regarding Toya. These tweets were sent as evidence that Tiny is jealous of Toya, and Toya wouldn’t be anything if it wasn’t for Tiny.

Taken out of context these tweets seem damaging. But, I read all the tweets in context, and in fact Tiny expressed nothing but her love and support for ToyaTiny is happy she had a hand in Toya’s success. There is nothing but love behind the scenes of Tiny & Toya Show, and anyone who suggests otherwise is trying to steal their Joy.

BTW, the show is not being canceled due to ratings. Tiny has a family and a very good man to focus on, while Toya is out making her mark.

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