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Whitney Houston Voice #Fails Again; Was It Too Soon For A Comeback Tour?

I’m not going to say Whitney Houston is on drugs, but I will say she hasn’t fully recovered from years of abuse. Many fans felt duped, and complained of being conned. I listened to the video and she didn’t sound that bad to me, at first…

On Twitter, SymphonyUK said: “It’s a shame Whitney didn’t lip-synch, like Britney did.”

One fan told London’s Daily Mail: “I was waiting for the Trading Standards guys to call a halt and offer us our money back. It was a con, a rip off. It wasn’t a concert.”

The audience got restless as the singer took a number of long breaks in between belting out her hits.

One fan told a local radio station: “She was rasping and rambling. She couldn’t sing, it was horrendous and I shall be asking for my money back.”

Some European critics were also unimpressed by her performance with many claiming that her once amazing voice no longer sounds as good as it used to. Take The Sun, for instance:

“Time and crack addiction – which she claims to have beaten – have not been kind to her once astonishing voice. It is now deeper and huskier. Houston, we still have a problem.” {Source}

I know she needs the money, but a world tour was a bad idea because she doesn’t seem to have the stamina to perform and travel around the country. Perhaps, she should have had an American tour in small venues until she’s had time to regain her strength and her voice. I think she will get better, she just needs time to heal.

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