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(VIDEO) Team Royce Reed! After First Episode Of Basketball Wives

Jealousy and drama has already started on the first episode of Basketball Wives, I have already picked my team. First off, only two out of like eight women are actually married to a basketball players. My favorite on the show is Royce Reed. Now we’ve all seen the infamous video of Royce dancing at Ludacris party, but out of all the women she seems the most genuine. Granted she’s a little old to be gyrating at a rappers party, but in her defense, she is a dancer. She just needs a little Jesus in her life, and she will be redeemed.

The other women Evelyn Lozada (Antoine Walker ex-finace) & Jennifer Williams (Eric Williams’ soon to be ex-wife) come across fake, and I ain’t saying they’re gold-diggers, wait, yes I am. That’s exactly what I’m saying, but at least their also business owners.  In this video Evelyn is talking to Royce crazy like she’s a child, in hopes of a snob intervention… (NSFW)

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