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WTH! Does Go Back To Africa Have To Do With Taxes

I’ll be happy when people finally get upset about this type of racism. Tea party goers claim they’re only concerned with big government, however their signs are often plagued with things outside of politics, mainly racism. They claim it’s isolated events. Isolated events that keep happening at each rally, and that no one from the Tea Party movement has stood up against. Thousands of people passed this sign, and nothing was done. So don’t be fooled it’s not abut government spending. Their President is black, and they just can’t stand it.

If you know or see this woman, tell her our President will go back to Africa, when she goes back to Hell, and tell the devil we’re not falling for this faux outrage. This is the face of racism, and she probably lives next door to you. Anyone that will do this has no concern for other people of color. So, when they’re saying they’re taking their country back, they are really saying you go back to Africa.

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