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Ryan Phillippe Getting His Swirl On; “Dating” Model Jessica White

Ryan Phillippe, ex-husband of Reese Witherspoon, was caught by spies dipping in the chocolate with model Jessica White, who has been linked to Ne-Yo and Terrell Owens. I knew there was something I liked about Ryan Phillippe, and he’s definitely a cutie. Have you seen his cover of Men’s Health (see it below)? Anyway two aren’t dating per se, but something definitely went down the other night. Keep reading for the juicy details…

According to NY Daily News, the two partied all night and ended up at Ryan’s Hotel:

Ryan Phillippe was spotted leaving last weekend’s “Saturday Night Live” afterparty at Hiro Ballroom with a new lady du jour: Jessica White. The actor, fresh from his split with Abbie Corn­ish, squired the supermodel to late-night hot spot The Brigade Theater, where the two partied until 6 a.m.But their night – er, morning? – certainly didn’t end there. “Jessica left and got into a black sedan, and Ryan  joined her a few minutes later,” says a spy. We hear the car dropped them off at Ryan’s NYC hotel.

The couple reunited the very next evening, when they bumped into each other at Juliet Supper Club. But by then, Phillippe (surprise, surprise) wasn’t so interested. While Jessica sat at one table, he hung with his boys (including Mehcad Brooks) at another. Says an onlooker: “Ryan came over and said hello, but that was about it.”


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