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PROOF: Tameka Foster Raymond Is Crazy…On Twitter

Tameka Foster shows the side of her that she always tries to hide, the crazy side that will cut a person if they give her the side-eye. When asked about Usher and his mistress turned girlfriend, Grace Miguel, Tameka went off. Now a lot people say once you get to know Tameka Foster, that she’s very nice. However, I just know the side of her that plants stories, and harass your server provider so that you will take unflattering pictures of her down, even if they been up for over a year.

Sorry, I digress, but for the first time on twitter, we get the see the Tameka Foster’s true colors. I can’t say I blame her. I would  probably have some choice words, if someone asked me about the woman who was sleeping with my husband, when I was still married to him. I can’t believe I’m defending her!

Sandra Rose also reports that Tameka Raymond and Usher were getting in cozy while shopping in Atlanta. Could it be, the reason for the outburst is that is still tapping his ex-wife/baby-mama.

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