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Did Diddy Buy Cassie A New Wig Or Does Diddy Have A New Friend

I’ve never seen Cassie look like this before. Did Diddy buy her a new wig or something? I didn’t realize a wig could make that much of a difference in someone’s appearance. She almost looks like a totally different girl, but he’s holding her hand, so it must be Cassie, right? If so Cassie also has some new boobs to go with that new wig, she certainly did have those on Friday. #justasking

UPDATE: Hold up. Before we get ahead of ourselves with the lies. Cassie was at the club w/ diddy last night. I saw her half bald and all. How can Diddy be with Nikki w/ Cassie there? Ok. Just had to clear this up.

Stop starting drama. He was walking her to her car, then he got in his car with Cassie. Jeez. Do u people thrive on making drama where there is none.

I did see this b/c my boyfriend was working security for Rick Ross and we were @ the party b/c of this. This shot was taken when everyone was leaving. (Jenny)

These pictures were taken last night at Guys & Dolls in West Hollywood. Amber Rose, T.I., and Tiny were there, as well.

[Photo Credit: X-17 Online]

If it’s Nicki Minaj that explains why their holding hands and trying to dodge paparazzi. Management often hold hands with their clients to protect their assets, even when there are body guards there, too. (Is it wrong of me to ask why are Diddy and Nicki holding hands?)

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