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WTH! Michael Jackson Chopping Down Groupies In The Back Of The Limo

All this time we thought Michael Jackson was innocent, but according to his body guards Mike Garcia, Bill Whitfield, and Javon Beard, the King of Pop had many “girlfriends” (jumpoffs) that he smashed in the backseat of the limo. They body-guards said Michael Jackson was in the backseat “chewing on the bubble gum” and getting Becky in return. (SHUT-UP)

I refuse to believe Michael Jackson got down like that. I refuse to believe it, although that does explain the barely legal videos the FBI found in his home.

Not only that, but the three men also said that Jackson frequently had relations with “girlfriends” in the back of their car:

“We had a curtain that covered the back seat. We couldn’t see in the back seat. They were…you know…”

When the interviewer suggested “making out” to end the sentence, the bodyguard replied by saying “it was either that or they were chewing very loud gum.” {Source}

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