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(VIDEO) Swizz Beatz Speaks On His Divorce; It’s Not His Fault; Mashonda The Monster

Swizz Beatz is caught on tape speaking about divorce to singer Mashonda. His logic is that one person, Alicia Keys, can’t destroy ten years of marriage. Ummm, yes they can if they’re cheating with your husband. Why bring this up, unless you feel some kind of guilt or shame? Swizz Beatz is just as bad as Mashonda. You won Swizz, let it go

There is a lot he said/she said. My question is, if  Swizz Beatz wasn’t cheating, why did Mashonda feel the need to go through his phone. Why were people in industry already talking a bout it and it turned out to be true? Women go through phones, when they feel you’re not on the up and up, not to set you up. I’m sorry, but his story sounds like he’s running game. Why didn’t he just leave before he got caught,  no what I’m saying

Now that Swizz Beatz has Alicia Keys, Mashonda is now a “scram”. Wow. I was trying to be positive and give him the benefit of the doubt.

Speaking of relationship, When Dreamin’ Become A Nightmare.

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