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(VIDEO) Erykah Badu Premieres “Window Seat”

Erykah Badu (@fatbellybella) just premiered her new video for Window Seat, and it will certainly give you something to talk about. Hopefully the message isn’t lost in the nudity, but it’s really worth thinking about. While watching check out the head covering versus the nakedness, the assassination, and the word “evolving” on her back.

If the video doesn’t work click here to see the video at Official Erykah Badu:

I love this new song. My favorite Erykah Badu song is “Didn’t Cha Know”, and it’s pretty much the theme song of my life. “Window Seat” just might be right up there with it.
I will say the obvious @fatbellybella might get added to the Amber Rose list, #imjustsayin

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