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Team Obama Won This Round – Health Care Bill Passes

I know some of you are happy like me, and some of you are just hurt. Hurt like I was when President George Bush invaded Iraq instead of capturing Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan. I understand why some people are opposed to this bill, but unfortunately they let people who used fear mongering instead of logic dominate the debate. If Republicans really wanted the status quo to change in health care, they would have changed it within the past 8 years. They did nothing when they were in power, and as you’re reading they still haven’t done one thing to battle the insurance company. They fought Obama, but they didn’t fight for health care…at all!

Here’s to the evil-psuedo-nazi-socialist-unpatriotic-jungle-monkey-racist-communist that I am. Congrats! Mr President for reforming health care, now let’s move on to jobs.

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