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SuperHead & Eddie Winslow File For Divorce: Karrine Steffans & Darius McCrary Call It Quits

*Sarcasm* Oh No! I didn’t see this one coming. Darius McCrary and Karrine “Superhead” Steffans files for divorce after being married for less than a year. Not sure how Darius got caught up in her web of deceit, the only thing I can think of was publicity. Surely a woman named Superhead wouldn’t make the best wife, or would she?

Well the two have officially parted ways and guess what, they have a very different version of how they split. According to Superhead, Darius McCrary cheated on her, and she had enough, he sent a tired bouquet of flowers to cover up his infidelity:

He cheated on me. You can’t cover that up with a bouquet of flowers,” she told the National Enquirer.

According to Darius McCrary, he sent her a bouquet of flowers right along with a divorce petition, as a way of saying sorry I’m divorcing you, but I want to still be friends.

I will always love Karrine and her son, but we are not good together. It was just time for us to go our separate ways.

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