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Stacey Dash V. Wendy Williams: Stacey Lies About Reality Show

I miss the Wendy Williams radio show because she use to dish some real dirt on celebs. Well every once in a while the old Wendy Williams returns to set the record straight. This time she’s putting Stacey Dash on blast. Wendy Williams says there is no “reality show”. Stacey Dash shot a pilot, one episode, and Vh1 said, “No”.

So all this talk about sex, and riding the arms of Jaime Foxx was probably all just a publicity stunt to try and get her reality show picked up by somebody, or anybody at this point. Hopefully, she’ll get a nice settlement from the white actor, Emmanuel Xuereb, that she’s divorcing; her third divorce.

You have to listen to “honesty” and watch a clip of Stacey Dash’s original interview with Wendy Williams. It was certainly entertaining if not honest:

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