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Singer Monica Rocks New Haircut At Ludacris Album Release

Monica and her new haircut were out on the town this past weekend, hitting up the Velvet Room in Atlanta. The singer was promoting her new album, “Still Standing” and supporting her dear friend Ludacris, at his “Battle of the Sexes” album release party.

NOTE: My readers (IAMTHEHOTNESS & SHopAholic22) want me to tell you that Monica and Ludacris are not just friends, but also cousins. They are not related by blood, but my marriage, therefore making them more than just friends. Ludacris is also the God father of her first born son, and taught him how to swim.

If you want to see some exclusive behind the scenes pics from this event, check out Freddy O.

Also check out these leggings:

[Photo Credit: Monica Soul]

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