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Reggie Bush Cheated On Kim Kardashian With A Blondie – January Gessert

Reggie Bush is in trouble because the National Enquirer is hot on his you know what. The tabloid magazine says Reggie Bush has been a naughty boy, cheating with a waitress Tiger Woods style. According to National Enquirer the blond waitress is January Gessert, and she spent the night with Reggie Bush on March 16. No one knows what happened, but one thing is certain, she’s been to his crib, and I’m definitely thinking it was to serve him.

Check out photos of the waitress, that may have caused the split between Reggie and Kim. Is waitress the new code word for escort? We know this is not the first time, remember that “model” Carmen Ortega released a video of her in Reggie’s crib right before his Superbowl game.

Man! She’s not even a high-class waitress.

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