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New Real Housewife Of Atlanta Is Phaedra Parks – An Entertainment Lawyer?

My inbox is full today. I just received an e-mail saying that the new RHOA cast mate is Phaedra Parks. Phaedra Parks is an entertainment lawyer in Atlanta, and is married to Apollo Nida:

So you heard the other day that Kim told of the new Housewife..Well I know for a fact from Phaedra Parks husband Apollo Nida that both of them will be on the show. She is the new Housewife of Atlanta.  She was pregnent when they got married Nov. 1, 09 and thats why the marriage was rushed.  So you will see her with baby bump and all. She just now told people/twitter of the new as if it was new.  When in fact she got knock up mths before the wedding.  They married for business reasons only.  Not for love like she stated in a post back in Feb. trying to clean up all the drama about Apollo and his jail time.  Anyway, Parks & hubby are in Miami now along with other Housewife’s.  This should show you who is the new housewife (she is Maimi with the others promoting on the low).

[Source: Sara Parker]

Of course I did some digging of my own, and according to Sandra Rose there is already drama involving Phaedra Parks and her husband Apollo Nida, by drama I mean legal problems:

Phaedra’s husband, Apollo Nida, along with five other men, were charged with 20 counts of alleged violation of the Georgia Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act and multiple counts of theft by receiving stolen vehicles. {Read the rest and check out his mugshot}

[Photo Credit: ATLien]

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