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Lil Wayne Goes To Jail For Real This Time; Details Of His Last Moments

I guess God wanted Lil Wayne to get his affairs in order, because every time we think he’s on his way to jail, something happens and his date gets postponed. Well, today is the day that rapper Lil Wayne begins serving time for weapon charges. As we speak, he is on his way to Rikers in New York, where he will stay for a minimum of 8 months. Check out the details of what went down in Lil Wayne’s last moments:

Lil Wayne showed up at a courthouse and was taken away in handcuffs. It went down around 2:15 p.m. at the Criminal Courthouse, where a more sizable crowd than the one assembled the last two times Wayne was supposed to go to prison showed up to send him off.

Judge Charles H. Solomon read the charges, Wayne nodded to confirm he understood them, and he was handcuffed. Right before he was taken away, he looked over at his crew gave them a nod, too. He didn’t say a word the whole time. Out in the hallway, Birdman, Slim, and the rest of the crew loafed toward the elevators silently, looking visibly dejected. Outside, a few stray photographers and reporters milled around.

Wayne will be taken to Rikers, where in a best case scenario he’ll serve eight months of his one-year sentence for attempted gun possession. {Source}

Check out the video of the media circus outside the courtroom. See pictures of Lil Wayne’s final moments when you continue reading:

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